What is Shield Network?

Shield Network is a token on the BSC platform aspiring to make the crypto market safer for everyone to invest in. The token is deflationary with a 2% tax on every transaction. 1% is burned, the other 1% is redistributed amongst holders. The token will forever increase in rarity. Our goals are beyond making a BSC token, our main goal is to create a token audit platform where every token is thoroughly audited by our team to ensure safety and avoid scams.

Why choose Shield Network?

With the increasing interest in crypto worldwide, a lot of new investors start investing with little or no knowledge of the crypto market. The amount of scams, rug pulls and honeypots has reached a new all-time high, with scam videos even running on YouTube unchecked for months. The risk for new investors is astonishingly high and may lead to investors losing a lot if not all of their investment. This can scare them away from the crypto world forever, and will hurt the crypto community in the long run. Our goal is to stop this, every crypto we audit is safe from these types of scams. We are here to make the crypto space a safer place and shield new investors from losing their investment.

Exciting things we are working on

Pre-audited launch platform

Every day several tokens launch, however, most of these are so-called rug pulls or scams. Fooling thousands of new investors to lose almost all of their investment. This scares many of those who are new to cryptocurrency and will set a bad reputation for the crypto market in general. Luckily not all projects are a scam. Our goal is to create a pre audited launch platform where investors can feel safe knowing that all tokens audited by our team can not be rug pulled.


In 2021 the NFT industry exploded, but it has one problem. Insanely high gas prices on the Ethereum network. To solve this we use the Binance Smart Chain platform in our token, where the gas prices are next to nothing. We are aiming to launch an NFT marketplace where creators can post their work without having to pay extreme amounts to create an NFT. The platform will be ready in Q4 2021.

Charity Donations

We want to give back to the community, to do so we will have several charity events and donate to different charities. Once the time is right we will hold a vote where our holders can choose what and to whom we will donate.

Launch information:

Our presale will begin at 7 pm (19:00) GMT Friday 16th April on DxSale, a link will be provided about 1 minute in advance on our telegram. From there we will launch on PancakeSwap a couple of hours later. The presale will have a 150BNB soft cap and 200 BNB hard cap.

Join us

Telegram: t.me/shieldnetwork

Website : shieldnetwork.io

A new bsc token aspiring to prevent cryptocurrency scams

A new bsc token aspiring to prevent cryptocurrency scams

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